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Casting news for Community and Office spin-off, The Farm


Let's start off with the little sitcom that could-- COMMUNITY.

Malcolm McDowell will guest star on the show as history teacher, Professor Cornwallis for two episodes. This will be awesome. I don't think Greendale is ready for this. The same article also says that Matt Lucas (LITTLE BRITAIN) will be on several episodes this season.

COMMUNITY returns to NBC on October 19th. Just in time for another Halloween episode, or at least me hopes.

The second bit of casting news involves THE OFFICE spin-off, THE FARM. This show will be all about Dwight Schrute and family on the beet farm and bed & breakfast. Majandra Delfino (ROSWELL) is joining as Dwight's youngest sister, Fannie. The character left the farm for Boston then returns divorced and with a kid. Watch out, Mose eats the young.

A first introduction to the new show will come when THE OFFICE returns for its ninth season on September 20th.

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