CGI Heath Ledger will not be playing the Joker in The Dark Knight Rises

Back in March of 2009, the JoBlo honchos solicited ideas for an April Fools' Day gag, and I suggested a faux report that producers were talking with James Cameron's FX people about creating a "Virtual Ledger" using ultra-realistic computer rendering and advanced personality algorithms, for bringing back the Joker in the inevitable sequel to THE DARK KNIGHT.

The gag was scrapped, but that fairly distasteful notion has nevertheless transformed into a full-blown internet rumor in the past few days. Even if it was never very likely.

Moviehole touched base with an insider at Warner Bros. about the recent rumors regarding this purported revival of Ledger's Joker via CGI and unused footage, and got a simple response: "It's just not real." Unsurprisingly, they say filmmaker Christopher Nolan has " too much respect for Heath Ledger and the late actor’s family to resurrect him." (Some of you may be saying "Yeah, obviously." But others might be thinking "Damn, would've been cool to see him again.")

Moviehole also says that back when a trilogy was initially kicked around, "the original plan was to have The Joker play a small part in the third BATMAN movie. He would’ve been in a prison, and much like Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter, would’ve played an unlikely aide to his arch-nemesis Batman, who’d be on a mission to to stop… Two Face."

Things obviously went differently, and now we still have no real idea of which villain Batman will face next. Given the heightened secrecy surrounding THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, unless we hear it from the studio or directly from Nolan's lips, it's safe to assume we know nothing.

(UPDATE: Nolan himself has refuted the Ledger resurrection rumors.)

Extra Tidbit: But still... it's fun to speculate!
Source: Moviehole.net



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