Changeling clip

Angelina Jolie has got all sorts of buns in the oven, and I’m not talking about the twin gods she’s currently nurturing in her womb. Not only is her visionary actioner WANTED set to light theatres on fire this summer, but at the currently-running Cannes film festival she’s already premiered KUNG FU PANDA and the drama CHANGELING (which looks like it might change its name to THE EXCHANGE), directed by Clint Eastwood, both the critical acclaim. In the latter film, she plays a mother in 1930’s California who loses a son to kidnapping, and then five months later has him returned to her, only to discover he’s not her son. What follows is her bureaucratic struggle to find out the truth behind the colossal mix-up which eventually leads her to a mental asylum. It’s said to be a tour-de-force performance for Jolie. Click HERE to see a clip from the film, and check out a couple of pics BELOW.

Extra Tidbit: The film might change its name to THE EXCHANGE because at Cannes, its French title was L'ECHANGE, (EXCHANGE in English) and Eastwood dug it.
Source: allocine.fr



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