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Charlize of Arabia


Charlize, Angel

Like so many before her and much more to follow, blonde beauty Charlize Theron is taking care of her own career, having just acquired the satirical novel FLORENCE OF ARABIA through her Denver & Delilah shindig for her own starring purposes.

The 2004 book by Christopher Buckley has the heroine attempting to bring equal rights in the fictional Middle Eastern country of "Matar", where her friend was executed by an aristocratic husband. Insert the words "Bait" and "Oscar" at your convenience.

No director is attached yet, while DEATH AT A FUNERAL scribe Dean Craig has been contracted with the screenplay. Producing her own star vehicle might not be a bad move for Theron, who has been linked to many future projects lately but has yet to be seen since HANCOCK, aside from the oft-delayed THE ROAD.

Extra Tidbit: What are the chances we might finally get a sequel to THE ITALIAN JOB? With the original cast?
Source: Variety



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