Chris Evans' Blue Sky

I actually really like Chris Evans (FANTASTIC FOUR), he always seems like he's having a good time. Sure, that might be a by-product of having dated Jessica Biel for longer than any human not born of royal blood should be allowed, but still, at least the guy's always smiling.

It transpires now that his next project is going to be UNDER THE BLUE SKY for director Mark Pellington (THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES). The independent fim will be about a soldier who makes a mutual promise with a bunch of his buddies in Iraq that should any of them die during the remaining days on the battlefield, those that survive will visit the parents of the fallen and relay a message that their child died with honour and the likes. Following this, the group are hit by a car-bomb and only young Chris Evans' character and a pal survive. He hits the bottle, life starts to unravel, and then meets a young girl, with whom he travels cross-country to the houses of his friends' parents to try and get his life back on track.

Filming is due to begin in September.
Extra Tidbit: Evans auditioned for Orlando Bloom's role in ELIZABETHTOWN.



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