Christina Hendricks and Lucy Liu are attached to Detached

I haven't heard very much about DETACHED so far, but this latest bit of casting new perked my ears up a bit. Mad Men Bombshell Christina Hendricks and former Charlie's Angel Lucy Liu will be joining the cast of the film, oh along with that guy who used to be in CSI, William Peterson, who has landed his first movie role after leaving that show. But sorry man, you don't get a picture in this article.

THR has more.

Carl Lund's script centers on a normally detached substitute teacher (Brody) who becomes invested in the students and teachers at the troubled school where he works and grows close to a homeless teen working as a prostitute. Petersen will play a Vietnam veteran who teaches history.

The character gets in trouble when, in a bid to teach tolerance, he shows a gay film in class. Hendricks will play a teacher who urges Brody to commit to teaching full-time and might be a romantic interest. Liu will play a school psychologist who grows frustrated with her students' incompetence.

It's quite a stacked cast (no pun intended in Hendricks' case), including Adrien Brody Marcia Gay Harden, Bryan Cranston, Tim Blake Nelson Blythe Danner and James Caan, and certainly should be something to keep an eye on. Those troubled kids always seem to spawn rather inspiring films don't they?

Extra Tidbit: Those things are literally floating upwards.
Source: THR



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