City of Men trailer

I don’t know one person who didn’t like the Brazilian film CITY OF GOD, nor do I want to. When the film was released worldwide in 2003, it pretty much became a phenomenon, achieving a level of success rarely enjoyed by foreign films. It was a cornerstone of the Latin film renaissance, and its director, Fernando Meirelles, went on to direct the acclaimed THE CONSTANT GARDENER.

Now, four years later a spin-off to CITY OF GOD is being released, called CITY OF MEN, with Mereilles taking producing duties. Apple is hosting the new trailer, and it’s good. Very. Although it doesn’t have the same kinetic rawness as CITY OF GOD (and maybe it’s because Mereilles isn’t in the director's chair), it still looks brighter and more lively than most of the films being released nowadays. There’s a certain level of Hollywood convention to the story; best friends torn apart by crime, with one forced to save the other, but it don’t matter, because there are some breathtaking images in this trailer. Check it out HERE.

Extra Tidbit: CITY OF MEN is actually based on a TV series that has run for 4 seasons in Brazil, also created and produced by Mereilles.
Source: Apple



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