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Clive Owen's sight

I don't want to dog on Clive Owen because I really like the guy, but I do think a lot of the time he gets by not because of his acting ability, but because he has a killer voice. Don't get me wrong, I think he can act, but I really feel that some of the lines he was given in, for example CLOSER, could really only be pulled off by someone who had such a commanding, take-no-shit voice. Anyway, before he established himself as one of the better voices working today, he was in a TV series which centred on his eyes. The 1999 BBC series SECOND SIGHT, followed a detective who - with the help of a saucy female partner - was trying to solve a murder before he went blind. And now Universal are preparing to turn it into a movie. There's no word yet as to whether Owen will take the leading role, but the producers of the impending mega-hit SHOOT 'EM UP, Susan Montford and Don Murphy will be producing the flick. Perhaps there'll be something there when SHOOT 'EM UP opens, makes a trillion dollars and Gerard Butler-ifies Clive Owen. He will also be seen later this year in THE GOLDEN AGE, where he plays a mantastic Sir Walter Raleigh.
Extra Tidbit: Clive Owen is from Coventry, in the UK... which is where I am currently at University.
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