C'mon Hollywood #117

... Ashton Kutcher isn’t that bad!
by Sturdy

Sometimes performers get a lot of criticism despite never really turning in any bad performances. Other times, actors get loads of praise even though they’ve never really given a great performance. Acting is a funny thing to judge because there’s no real measurement on what makes someone good or bad. When it comes down to it, most people will tell you the great ones have the “it” quality. No one really knows what “it” is, but you know it when you see it.

Now comes the confusing part. I don’t think Ashton Kutcher has “it”, but I think he could have “it” in the future. Got it? Basically, I’m trying to say I like Ashton Kutcher and I think he has the potential to be a good actor if he continues to improve. He just needs to brush up on his serious and dramatic roles and he could end up being a bankable star. One problem he has is with his voice’s natural tendency to crack when he’s excited. It was his comedic hook on That 70’s Show, but in the movies, it gets in the way. I don’t want my lead actor’s voice breaking into a high pitch when he’s trying to be tough. That aside, he’s got a great screen presence, good comedic timing, and he’s fun to watch.

I liked the film, but would Ashton have been that bad in it?

If I were to write a retort to this article, the first thing I would do is point out that he reportedly got kicked off of two high-profile projects (THE VILLAGE and ELIZABETHTOWN) for poor performance. The official record was that he dropped out due to scheduling conflicts, but rumors persisted that it had more to do with his inability to carry the dramatic scenes. Personally, I don’t think he would have fit well with THE VILLAGE and even Orlando Bloom couldn’t pull off the necessary emotions for ELIZABETHTOWN. I don’t know if he got kicked off, or just couldn’t fit his TV schedule around filming. I would hope it’s the latter, but if it’s not, then I think it’s time Hollywood gave him a chance.

I still think Demi is hot.

I’ll admit that JUST MARRIED and A LOT LIKE LOVE were bad movies, but not because of Ashton. They had they’re own problems to deal with and Ashton was in a no win situation on both accounts. He did well with BUTTERFLY EFFECT and held his own in THE GUARDIAN, but what he really needs is a chance to showcase his natural charm. He just needs a role where he can be himself and let audiences forget about his bad comedic roles. He seems like a cool guy in interviews and he shows flashes of brilliance in his films. So just give him a chance and try not to see Michael Kelso or Demi Moore every time you look at him.

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