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C'mon Hollywood #162


... donít let Indy go out like that!
by Sturdy

I have to admit that I was blown away by the incredibly divided response to INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL from the fans. At last count, we had almost 120 strike backs here, and views seem to be split down the middle for those that loved it and those that hated it. This isnít a review of CRYSTAL SKULL, but I will say I was disappointed in the film. Even still, itís Indy-frickiní Jones, so it was still better than most of the crap we see on the big screen. However, regardless if you thought the film was shit, or the shit, I think we can all agree that the Indy craze is back and we need more of him.

Theyíre all great, just keep it going.

A few years after Crusade, we got the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which were a mixed bag. I thought some episodes were great and others were pretty bad. Overall I enjoyed the series, but Indy belongs on the big screen, plain and simple. With the overwhelming response and hype to the fourth film, Lucas and company are in a good position to pick this franchise up and continue the adventures of Dr. Jones and maybe even his sonÖ

No worries Indy, just grab on to the vinesÖ

As surprised as I was at the divided responses, Iím just as surprised at the division over Shiaís character. I find it odd, but it seems people who hated the film actually liked Mutt, while those that loved the film could do without him. Iím not sure what to make of that, but I for one liked him and would be more than happy seeing him in some sort of hybrid Indiana Jones adventure. I think Ford still has a couple more turns with Indiana in him, but Shia is a worthy replacement once Ford decides to hang up the fedora and embrace old age.

Shia did a great job.

I think we can also agree that 19 years is waaaaaayyyyy too long between Indiana films. Hell, we canít go more than 8 years between BATMAN films and theyíve changed that franchise a couple of times. With Indy, the principles are still friends and everyone seems to love Indiana. But hereís another thing that might ruffle some feathers in the fanboy world; Iím ok if Spielberg doesnít direct another Indiana film. Of course heís the greatest director of all time and he can do no wrong, but we could use another take on the character from behind the lens. I could also do without Kaminski, but thatís a different column for another day.

I love Steven, but itís ok if someone else takes over.

Basically, I love Indiana Jones and I hated that we had to go so long between films. Lucas is the king of milking things dry, so he should be right on board with giving us more Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford seems to still get a kick out of playing the character and Shia LaBeouf is more than ready to handle an increased role. Letís get them back together and come up with some more adventures for them. Whatever they decide to do, hereís hoping they donít wait 19 years to do it.

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