Cohen blogs Mummy

So the third MUMMY film is actually happening. I'm sure when Rachel Weisz signed on to the very first one in 1999, she didn't think that less than a decade later she would be such hot shit she could turn down a third movie because she could star in any other film she wanted. Hell she could play Batman in the JLA movie if she really lobbied for it. I wonder though, if anyone thought the franchise was going to end up in China, with Jet Li playing a despotic emperor, cursed by a female wizard played by Michelle Yeoh. But hey, that's what happened, and now Rob Cohen (STEALTH) has started to blog the whole experience over YONDER. As we also know, Maria Bello (A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE) has taken over Weisz' role as Brendan Fraser's ass-kicking wife and Luke Ford (MCLEOD'S DAUGHTERS) will play their kid, Alex. I've gotten a kick out of all the MUMMY films so far, so I really hope this one is good. I guess we'll be kept of the progress anyway. Stay tuned!
Extra Tidbit: Fraser's real child is named Griffin.
Source: Film Stalker



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