Colin Firth might be making a Gambit

If you saw the Golden Globe announcements earlier today, you witnessed that THE KING'S SPEECH led the pack with seven nods. And while the Globes credibility is highly suspect more than ever this year with ALICE IN WONDERLAND, BURLESQUE and THE TOURIST all nominated for a Best Picture category, it stands to reason the SPEECH will actually see similar praise come Oscar season.

And what of its star? Firth might be the front runner for Best Actor himself, and he's choosing his next projects carefully. He's already signed on for TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY and now he might be adding another film to his pipeline.

He's in talks to take the Michael Caine role in a remake of GAMBIT, scripted by the Coen brothers to be helmed by Michael Hoffman, not Doug Liman as previously thought. It's a story of a man planning an elaborate robbery to steal a statue from a billionaire, aided by a waitress who looks like the man's dead wife.

Nothing's for sure yet, but I could see him taking on the role, even if I don't quite see the Caine comparison myself.

Extra Tidbit: No word on that Taylor Kitsch GAMBIT X-Men spin-off movie in a while, which at this point I'm presuming dead.
Source: Deadline



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