Columbia gets Babe

Mike White doing...I dunno WHAT he's doing...

Screenwriter Mike White may have seemed pretty quiet since SCHOOL OF ROCK, yet the guy carries with him a baggage that includes THE GOOD GIRL and episodes of Freaks & Geeks, and is still attached to Edgar Wright's thriller/comedy THEM based on the Jon Ronson book. No relation to Lindsay's on/off girlfriend. Columbia feels he's worth buying a new original screenplay from.

The studio acquired White's pitch for BABE IN THE WOODS, which might sound like a videostore-backroom classic but instead concerns a Yale freshman gal who gets in trouble with the New Jersey mob. Yup, DOES sound like a videostore-backroom classic after all...

No word on a production date for the film, but White does have a pretty busy slate in front of him. Aside from appearing int the upcoming Sam Rockwell vehicle GENTLEMEN BRONCOS, he's headed for the SCHOOL OF ROCK sequel anyday now..

Extra Tidbit: Is it me or does Mike White look an awful lot like Spud from TRAINSPOTTING?
Source: Variety



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