COMIC CON: Other Guys, Green Hornet and Priest


The Other Guys, Green Hornet and Priest

Here’s a joke for you. A GREEN HORNET, a PRIEST, and some OTHER GUYS walk in to a bar… I don’t know the rest, but the punchline is Sony’s second panel and a chesty broad. [rimshot] Stars expected during the two hour event include Seth Rogen, Christoph Waltz, Michel Gondry, Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Adam McKay, and Paul Bettany, so check out our live blog as it’s sure to be entertaining. Plus, God-willing, Eva Mendes pictures!

The panel has ended and you can read our live blog (featuring your questions and comments!) in the module at the bottom, or check out a quick recap below.


-Paul Bettany reunites with his LEGION director Scott Stewart for another religion-themed action movie. From the looks of this, if you didn't like LEGION I don't know if PRIEST will be much different. It came across as THE SEARCHERS meets vampires in the future.

-They have a good vampire pedigree, at least according to the fangirls, with Stephen Moyer from "True Blood" and Cam Gigandet from TWILIGHT.

-Maggie Q plays a priestess with a badass set of fighting skills.

-"Samurai Jack" creator and animation great Gendy Tartokovsky did some design work on the film and directed the film's animated prologue along with some Disney animators. They screened it for the audience and it was a very violent combination of traditional Disney and anime influences.

- The 3D looks okay, didn't blow me away but not a mess like CLASH or AIRBENDER.


-Showed an extended trailer from the film that contained some parts that weren't in the movie (already?). Looks funny and pretty R-rated, though what we were shown had more Rob Riggle and his partner, than the Rock and Sam Jackson.

-The rest of the panel was pretty much just Ferrell, Wahlberg, Mendes and McKay making jokes, ad libbing and playing around with the Con questioners. The highlight was Mendes hitting on multiple underage boys. (You can read the full liveblog for all the details.)

-McKay confirmed that he is directing THE BOYS and that ANCHORMAN 2 was off for at least another year and a half, which is the next time the gang has a free slot open in their schedules. Mendes said that the original is her favorite movie and she'll do anything to be in the sequel.

-A Ferrell-McKay produced movie called VIRGINITY HIT comes out this fall and is a mockumentary about a high school kid trying to pop his cherry.


-The first footage shown was more of an extended trailer which featured some good stuff (more Christoph Waltz!) but overall wasn't different enough to change anybody's mind.

-Then the panel came out and showed a full scene in Kato-Vision. It ripped the lid off Hall-H. The best way to describe it is similar to Arnold's POV in the TERMINATOR movies. Kato takes a look around him, assesses the situation and sees which things he can use to fight and what parts of the bad guys are most vulnerable. These things are highlighted in red. There's a lot of slow motion fighting as Kato just wrecks his attackers using his predetermined methods, but the best thing about the scene is its use of 3D. It gives an incredible sense of depth to the fight, with tons of stuff coming at the audience, and Kato just moves through the space and uses it to his advantage. If they told me they filmed it in 3D I would believe them. The crowd loved it and it was definitely the most creative (aka Gondry-like thing we've seen so far.

-After the new footage Rogen said "About f*cking time, right?"

-Waltz said he's not a comic fan and he used his ignorance to fuel his performance.

-Rogen announced that they're now actively working on JAY AND SETH VS THE APOCALYPSE.


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