COMIC CON: Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D with Milla Jovovich and director Paul Anderson

Hall H continues to provide all the hottest blockbuster content and today is no exception, as director Paul Anderson and star Milla Jovovich are pimping out the 3D extravaganza RESIDENT EVIL: AFTER.LIFE, the fourth film of the most popular video game now movie franchise ever. 3D Milla (not to mention 3D Ali Larter) spells awesome, and when you throw in some RESIDENT EVIL baddies in the mix, then you have yourself one flick I'm absolutely pumped to check out!

The panel is over and things went awesome, as the 3D looked amazing in Hall H. Considering they used the same camera's they used filming AVATAR it should be no surprise. Here are some highlights from the panel, check out the new images, and see Milla in the video from the panel below.

  • Milla claims an army of Alice's are set to be in AFTERLIFE.
  • The film is based on the RESIDENT EVIL 5 video game.
  • Ali Larter is hella pregnant.
  • Jill Valentine MAY be returning to the RESIDENT EVIL series.
  • Paul WS Anderson only came back to direct another entry in the series because he was able to do something different and film the whole thing in 3D.
  • Lots of green screen was used because of the 3D, but much of it was on location.
  • The footage was screened in 3D and it looked absolutely amazing. Probably the best 3D I've seen since AVATAR. This is what happens when films were made in 3D and not converted.
  • A scene was screened featuring Milla and Ali fighting a big bastard with a giant axe in an exploding bathroom. There's an "axe thrown at the screen" sequence... and it's as awesome as it sounds.

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