COMIC CON: The Jerry O'Connell Photobomb Gallery

Pulling off a successful photobomb, especially a celebrity photobomb, is tricky. You usually only have one--maybe two--chances to pull it off before the opportunity is lost forever. While in San Diego for the Comic Con International this past week, we had photobomb opportunities with Wesley Snipes, Elisabeth Shue, Brandon Routh, and Eli Roth. But as we were reviewing out entire collection of photobombs, we saw one recurring face among the plethora of secret pics. That face: the one, the only... Jerry O'Connell!

Star of STAND BY ME, the epic TV show SLIDERS, JOE'S APARTMENT, SCREAM 2, and this summer's PIRANHA 3D (the reason he was there in the first place), we kept running into Jerry O'Connell everywhere we went, and when we were photobombing one celebrity, it turns out that Jerry O'Connell was there as well.

The thing about Jerry O'Connell is this: the guy was having a FABULOUS time at the Comic Con. He was into meeting the fans, he had a blast promoting the film (in which he plays a GIRLS GONE WILD-type porn filmmaker), and he seemed to just enjoy running around the Con and experiencing all that the Con had to offer (Moreno spotted Jerry O'Connell just walking around the Con's floor by himself all incognito and shit).

But mostly, Jerry O'Connell became the first celebrity photobomb in JoBlo.com's celebrity photobomb history to be photobombed a total number of 9 times. Nine times! Behold the Jerry O'Connell photobomb gallery, featuring Jerry O'Connell, Ammon Gilbert, Jim Law, Damon, Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott, and Paul Scheer. But mostly... Jerry O'Connell.

The Jerry O'Connell / Elisabeth Shue Photombomb

The Jerry O'Connell / Adam Scott / Paul Scheer Photombomb

The Jerry O'Connell Taking a Picture Photombomb

The Jerry O'Connell Photombombing Damon and Elisabeth Shue Photobomb

The Jerry O'Connell and the Cast of PIRANHA 3D Photombomb

The Jerry O'Connell / Ammon Drinking Photombomb

The Jerry O'Connell / Ammon is my Homeboy Photobomb

The Jerry O'Connell Talking to Some Other Fan (and Looking Like He Wants to Knock His Teeth Out) Photombomb

The Ultimate Jerry O'Connell / Jim Law Crazy Eyes Photombomb

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