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Another year, another zany SAN DIEGO COMIC CON! This was most likely the biggest Comic Con I've personally ever attended within the 9 years I've been going to (and surviving) the damn thing. It was nuts! Now, our panels coverage aside,  we've shown you pictures of the floor HERE and HERE, we flaunted our CON HOTTIES HERE, gave you a VIDEO TOUR of the premises HERE and I'm sure you're not even close to being done digesting our hefty RECAP story HERE. Tough cookie amigos, cause we're not done just yet!

As you should know, its not a JoBlo.com Comic Con report without our weighty PICTURE GALLERY surfacing usually later than sooner. You know the one where we either make fool of ourselves or try real hard to do so? Yup, that one! Putting this story together warmed my dead beat heart as it reminded me of all the fine folks and the good times that this year's Con had to offer. Like my grandpa used to say before he left this shitty world: "Good drinks are only as good as the the people you drink them with and the hole you drink them in." 'Nuff said! Without further ado... here...we.... GO!


Darren Bousman, Ammon and myself

I'm already SOLD on CRANK 2. That's how easy I am!

Party is jumping!

Statham digs on Jenny...

...but not as much as Jim Law digs on Statham...ahhhhh....

I'm game and so is she!

Ammon and his trustee Corona sneaking up on Paul Anderson.

Moreno going stealth...

The game has just begun!

Ammon meets our new Jason Voorhees: Derek Mears.

It pays to do camera work for JoBlo.com, right Rusty?

My house on weekends - minus the hot chicks and the red couch.

Jim Law, his wife Rhona Mitra Law and her gay uncle who happens to be straight (Bill Nighy).

When Shepis and Arrow collide (Tiffany Shepis that is),.

Ammon said "Tony Todd" fives times in the bathroom mirror, when he came out, Todd was there to greet him.

It's not a Con without class-act Ken Foree, ladies and germs!

Looking for a place to eat our "Last Supper".

This should do...

Speaking of dicks...

We're in!

WTF is Spidey doing at DICKS???

And that's all folks for Comic Con 2008! This is the JoBlo.com motley crew, signing out!

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