Conan, Rogers info

As both of these announcements are relatively minor, and they both come from the same interview, I’m going to compress them into one story as to not kill any virtual trees with two separate posts.

IGN recently talked to Paradox Entertainment president Fredrik Malmberg about a few projects, most notably CONAN THE BARBARIAN and BUCK ROGERS. He cleared up misconceptions that CONAN would be an origin story with a young, teenage Conan as the lead which is most definitely NOT the case. Good, because I really don’t think Taylor Lautner with a blonde wig would have cut it.

Also, Malmberg confirmed that Frank Miller is no longer directing the big screen version of BUCK ROGERS, presumably because THE SPIRIT turned out to be complete shit and no one wants him to touch anything else from now on.

The interview also touches on other properties Paradox licenses including KULL THE CONQUEROR, VULTURES, THULSA DOOM and CHARIOTS OF THE GODS. That’s got to be the most epic sounding slate of films I’ve ever heard of. Head over to IGN to read more.

Extra Tidbit: That's a whole lot of dude skin in that picture. If you squint it looks pretty naughty.
Source: IGN



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