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Remember not too long ago when there were people complaining about the new film CREED being titled as such, wanting Warner Bros. to call the picture something else, so as to avoid using the name of the popular 90s rock band they so beloved? Oh yeah... it happened to the point of online petitions and everything.

Granted, nothing ever came from it, because it was a stupid cause for anyone to really throw themselves behind, but it will forever be etched in the internet history books as a thing that once went down.

But thanks to the web, we now have the promise of a showdown between both entities - Creed versus Creed.

It's really only one guy now though, since Scott Stapp went off the deep end and the rest of the band went on to form Alter Bridge, but come on... You know you'd want to see that guy step into the ring with Michael B. Jordan if given the chance.

CREED looks to knock out its box officie competition upon release on November 25.

Source: Loudwire



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