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Cool Videos: Daddy's Home Christmas lights duel



Around the holidays, I am always amazed by the amount of effort and passion people put into the Christmas displays they assemble around their homes. And every year, they get bigger and more elaborate and more something I would never do because I'm too lazy and broke but can certainly appreciate from afar. Just last night, I came across a guy who had a screen projection in his side window showcasing the Grinch rummaging through people's gifts under the tree and stealing them. That's hardcore right there and pretty impressive. 

That's why when I stumbled across this dueling Christmas lights display Paramount is sending around to promote DADDY'S HOME, I figured I'd let you take a look. Dancing lights will always amaze me, because of how much work goes into choreographing them perfectly, in addition to how much it must piss off the neighbors who have to deal with it on a constant basis... but when you start to incorporate flamethrowers, that wins the community without question.

DADDY'S HOME hits theaters on December 25.



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