Hollywood Road to Success: Mark Wahlberg (video)

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Rapper/model/actor/producer Mark Wahlberg can do it all. Marky Mark has delivered us many hilarious comedies, emotional dramas and blockbuster action films for decades now. But some don’t know about his violent criminal past and how he overcame his struggles by turning his life around. This lead him straight down the the Hollywood Road to Success. He had to start somewhere and Wahlberg started from the bottom. Young Mark grew up poor surrounded by drugs, alcohol and gangs. He became very familiar with all these things and eventually the consumed his life. His destructive behavior soon took him straight to jail after a several violent outbreaks on the streets of Boston. Wahlberg was in a place that some believe to be impossible to get out of but with hard work and a change of heart Mark Wahlberg made it all possible. Now he lives life as a rich and respected family man who continues to producer great films every year. Let Mark be an example and an inspiration to you or anyone who feels stuck in a bad situation. Watch the video below to witness the rags to riches tale of Oscar nominated superstar Mark Wahlberg on the latest episode of HOLLYWOOD ROAD TO SUCCESS.

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