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COOL VIDEOS: Get your fix of Bill Murray in this video mash-up remix


Bill Murray, ambassador of awesome, is someone I can watch in anything.  He's truly one of the coolest cats out there and his body of work is something to behold.  Now, we've all seen video mash-ups like the one below, which collect a series of shots from a variety of places and sync them together in some clever way.  I wouldn't call this particularly clever, but it's damn fun and, really, do you need a reason to appreciate a few minutes of some Bill F*ckin' Murray?

Good answer:

Bill Murray will next be seen in HYDE PARK ON THE HUDSON, which hits theaters on December 7, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: Bill Murray has no publicist, but has an 800 number where filmmakers and the like can leave a message, which he may or may not check or respond to. I've always thought that was kind of awesome.
Source: Eclectic Method



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