Cool Videos: Is the overabundance of CG effects ruining movies?

What used to be created from silicone or lumber or a highly skilled stunt person can now just as easily be created in a computer. As summer blockbusters continue to grow bigger and more numerous, it's easy to point at them and say that CG is ruining movies; but is it really? A new video-essay from the folks at Rocket Jump Film School explains how modern movies use CG and why it's being blamed more and more for bad films.

It's often said that when CG is done well, you should never even notice it's there; while I do agree with that to a certain extent, I also know that Frodo Baggins isn't really talking to Gollum, I know that he's a wonderfully realized CG effect driven by a talented actor, but that never spoils my enjoyment of the scene because I'm invested in the story and character.

CG can fly under the radar, the Rocket Team's video definitely shows off a few examples of "I didn't realize that was CG" type effects, but it can also create amazing worlds that, despite knowing it's merely an effect, still has the power to astound and amaze us. It's been said many times, but CG is simply a tool in a filmmakers bag of tricks; nothing more, nothing less. The effectiveness of CG depends on the artist wielding it and the purposes behind its use. As specified in the above video, we're more likely to forgive bad effects if they are supported by a good story and good characters; perhaps the reason why there's so much "bad CG" nowadays is that there are so many movies which offer us nothing else.

Which film do you believe has used CG most effectively in support of its story?



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