Cooper is Face Man!

Let's see if I track this correctly. First there was a rumor that Bradley Cooper was in line to play smooth talker Templeton "Face Man" Peck in Joe Carnahan's feature of THE A-TEAM. That rumor was then denied by Cooper as a comment taken out of context. Now comes the trade break that Cooper is indeed in talks to play Dirk Benedict's most famous non-Starbuck role.

Was Cooper merely downplaying a leak before his contract ink was dry (and his fame solidified by THE HANGOVER's success)? Or did the rumor actually prompt his association with the project?

Who knows, who cares. It's official now, and while he's the first name to actually be announced, Carnahan's SMOKIN' ACES actor Common has been commonly (ahem) linked to the role/gold chains/fists of B.A. Baracus. Humanoids to fit characters Hannibal Smith and "Howlin' Mad" Murdock are also being sought.

Carnahan's flick is, of course, an update of the 1980s TV series about a team of former Special Forces soldiers turned hired heroes who protect innocents for cold cash while constantly running from the authorities for "crimes they didn't commit".

Extra Tidbit: I recall a tidbit a couple years back when I pondered the mystery of why Cooper wasn't a star. Guess it just took a little time. And a $45 million opening.
Source: THR



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