Cox has Heart

Brian Cox is one of those guys who I think is incredible, but seems to be in like every single film ever made. I'm pretty sure I've seen him playing a CIA operative in panning shots during porn flicks. Paul Dano (THERE WILL BE BLOOD) on the other hand seems to be choosing his projects with a little more restraint. And the two of them will be starring together in a film called THE GOOD HEART for director Dagur Kari (DARK HORSE). “It’s a crazed film about a guy who runs a bar, called Jacques, in New York. It’s a bar where all these deadbeats hang out, like a bar in a Eugene O’Neil play,” Cox told MTV. “This young homeless man comes in, and he has these extraordinary powers of healing; he can heal all the guys in the bar... He also heals my character, this guy who has these heart problems. The old man is always in the hospital, nearly dying.” This all sounds fine, but apparently at one point Ryan Gosling and Tom Waits were up to star and I have to admit those guys sound a little more juicy. Still though, let's see!
Extra Tidbit: Hee hee - I said 'Cox'.
Source: MTV



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