Crowe still in Holmes?

It appeared that the Russell Crowe in SHERLOCK HOLMES rumors were debunked pretty quickly. I had even heard word that Crowe was offered a role in the film (alongside Robert Downey, Jr.) put politely passed. Now Latino Review is saying that Crowe could still be in the mix. Apparently the initial reports of Crowe starring as Watson were incorrect and that Guy Ritchie was talking to Crowe about starring as Professor Moriarty. Latino's source says there is a "VERY good chance" that Crowe will sign on to play Moriarty in the film. They also report that Gerard Butler was the one who was offered the Watson role and turned it down. Crowe can certainly play a bad-ass villain but the question is whether he'll want to play second fiddle to Robert Downey, Jr. And remember that JJ Abrams was after Crowe to play the villain in STAR TREK only to be denied. I'd personally love to see two of the best actors of their generation - RDJ and Crowe - go head-to-head. Let's see if Warner Bros. and Ritchie can make it happen...

Extra Tidbit: I still love the idea of a Sacha Baron Cohen/Will Ferrell "Sherlock Holmes" movie.
Source: Latino



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