Crowe tells Lies

Unable to let his favorite director/cuddle buddy Ridley Scott work with another hot actor, Russell Crowe has stepped in to co-star with Leonardo DiCaprio in BODY OF LIES. DiCaprio signed on to star in the film for Scott back in April, driving Crowe insane with jealousy. Now Crowe will star in the film as a CIA leader who teams with an agent (DiCaprio) to bring down an Al Qaeda leader by claiming he's really in cahoots with Americans. The script was written by Oscar winner William Monahan (THE DEPARTED) based on the book by David Ignatius. It would appear that certain aspects of the script are being changed slightly to better appeal to Crowe's liking. The script is being polished by the actor's AMERICAN GANGSTER screenwriter Steven Zaillian and Crowe's participation is contigent on his happiness of the changes. Warner Bros. is looking to begin production this fall after DiCaprio wraps filming on RESERVATION ROAD with Kate Winslet. Crowe has some time as another of his films NOTTINGHAM (guess who's directing...) is going through a rewrite process.

Extra Tidbit: BODY OF LIES is also going by the title PENETRATION but I'm not sure which will be the real title.
Source: Variety



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