Cusack gets gothed out in his Poe costume

Thought that John Cusack playing Edgar Allen Poe in THE RAVEN would be a bit of a stretch? Well this first shot of him in full goth regalia to play the famed poet might put your mind at ease. Or it might do the opposite, who knows. He's sporting Poe's wicked trademark facial hair, and I wonder if that's natural or fake.

THE RAVEN has been described as a "SE7EN-like" adventure where Poe tries to track down a serial killer in the days leading up to his death. Also appearing in the film are Alice Even and Luke Evans, as Poe's kidnapped girl and a helpful detective respectively, and the entire thing is being helmed by NINJA ASSASSIN and V FOR VENDETTA's James McTeigue, so expect some cool visuals at the very least.

Check out Cusack in costume below, and I'll be waiting for the first shots of Alice Eve in a corset.

Extra Tidbit: Is there really going to be choreographed high flying fight scenes in this or will McTeigue be chilling out a bit?
Source: AP



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