Damon joins Coens

It's almost weird to think that Matt Damon, for all the work he's done, has never worked with the Coen brothers. But his time has finally come. Damon and Josh Brolin have signed on to co-star with Jeff Bridges in the upcoming Coen remake of TRUE GRIT. Just as interesting is word that Steven Spielberg is producing the film alongside the Coens.

Damon will play the part of La Boeuf, the lawman who's helping Marshall Rooster Cogburn track down the killer of a 14-year-old girl's father (and yes, his name really is La Beouf, at least in the original). Brolin will play the killer, on the run from the law. Production is set to begin on GRIT in March with Paramount releasing later that year for Oscar consideration. I know it seems early but we've already got ourselves one of the must-see movies of 2010...

Extra Tidbit: Damon almost worked with the Coens on OCEAN'S 11 as they were originally attached to star as the Malloy brothers.
Source: Variety



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