Danny Trejo to Skinny Dip with his son...err wait

Wondering what Danny Trejo is doing after MACHETE opens this weekend? Well it appears he's found his next project called SKINNY DIP, and despite its title, is supposedly a revenge thriller. Though I imagine there will be a great deal of nudity as well.

The project will reunite Trejo with Michelle Rodriguez, and the story follows a young woman (presumably her) who kills a policeman. Trejo v. Rodriguez? Could be.

The film is being co-directed by the appropriately named Frankie Latina and Trejo's own 22 year old son Gilbert. Yes, badass extraordinaire Danny Trejo's son's name is Gilbert, and that's him above. I guess maybe machoness doesn't kick in until middle age in that family.

But with Grindhouse promising us MACHETE KILLS and MACHETE KILLS AGAIN, I'm not sure if we'll see this before a possible sequel gets made to this weekend's romp, depending on how it does financially. I have a feeling this won't pull the same numbersl as THE EXPENDABLES as it might seem like "more of the same," but I could also see Latinos turn out en masse for it across the country, so who knows.

Extra Tidbit: EAT PRAY LOVE and THE EXPENDABLES came out the same weekend. Now GOING THE DISTANCE and MACHETE come out Friday. I bet some couples literally split up and just meet each other after their movies are over.
Source: LA Times



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