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Dark Country pics


Can Thomas Jane be as much a badass behind cameras as he is onscreen? His movies aren't always instant classics (nor good...) but he always IS badass nonetheless. We'll find out on October 6 when his directorial debut sadly skips theaters and winds up directly on the shelves.

Jane's DARK COUNTRY, from a script by BROTHER BEAR scribe Tab Murphy (...) sees a newlywed couple's rescue of a crashed driver turn into a nightmare of the paranormal kind. How can THAT go straight to DVD? It's got Tom Jane for crying out loud! Plus Ron Perlman co-stars! What else does it need?? Megan Friggin Fox??? Well it's got Lauren German.

Until the film gets its release, follow the pic for a few stills courtesy of ShockTillYouDrop, or head over to our buddys at Arrow in the Head for the trailer. 

    Jane in DARK COUNTRY

Extra Tidbit: Will we get to see Jane's GIVE 'EM HELL MALONE in theaters? If ever???



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