Darren Aronofsky tosses out Gangster Squad and gets closer to Wolverine

Wow. It really looks like Darren Aronofsky might really be directing the WOLVERINE sequel.

Deadline is reporting that Aronofsky passed on directing TALES FROM THE GANGSTER SQUAD (which is a crime thriller about an LAPD task force in the 1940s) for Warner Bros. This was the only thing in the way of Aronofsky's chances of helming Wolvie goes to Japan.

A few days ago, we reported that he was in serious talks with Fox. Not much has changed except the fact that he just passed on a project and is currently trying to make a deal with them. Apparently making a deal with him isn't going so easily. Obviously the guy wants to make a decent chunk of change, but he might also want Fox to make another type of deal. Possibly something in the way of, "I'll make this movie, if you give me creative freedom on another flick for you guys".

Of course, Aronofsky will want to apply his own creative juices to the WOLVERINE sequel as well. I don't think he will just willingly slap his name on it in the case that Fox wants to put their own bullshit spin on the story.

All that stuff that I also said in a previous article about Hugh Jackman pushing for Aronofsky was true. I'm guessing both guys feel like this would be another really good pairing on this project. I'd really like to see what Aronofsky does with someone like Wolverine.

Only time can tell though. If Aronofsky gets whatever it is he wants out of Fox then it will really be happening. I guess we shall see.

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Source: Deadline



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