David Fincher has a hard time picturing Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man's spandex

It's not as bad as you may think.

Back when Sony was trying to make a decision about who they wanted for the SPIDER-MAN reboot, one of the people they were looking at helming was David Fincher. Obviously it didn't go that route and Marc Webb was selected for the job. However, Fincher has a few things to say on the topic.

Fincher just recently worked with the new Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield on THE SOCIAL NETWORK. But what does he think of him as the new Spidey? "I can't imagine [Garfield] in spandex, I can't imagine him being comfortable. He's a wonderful actor, he's incredibly skilled and empathic and a lovely guy. So it's nice to see that." Like I said, it wasn't terribly negative. The director was open to taking on the franchise, but realized it wasn't for him. "I took a meeting and I easily got myself out of that one. I've never been interested in [superhero movies]. I just could not imagine someone getting bit by a radioactive spider."

Now with it in Webb's hands, Fincher admits that something like this could be potentially dangerous and also a little thrilling, "It's risky. They're taking some risks. It's not like they're [getting] a conventional director. They're going at it in a different way... They're rolling the dice. I think that's always exciting."

If you aren't boycotting MTV, you can watch Fincher dole out these words.

Extra Tidbit: What do you guys think about Garfield as the new Spidey?
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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