David Hayter finally gets his chance to direct a film about Wolves

Voice of Snake from the Metal Gear series as well as writer for X2 and WATCHMEN, David Hayter is finally getting to sit in the director's chair.

What's the project? Well, it's one half of the hottest craze in Hollywood, werewolves. The film will start production in July with an $18 million budget. The thriller, which will be titled WOLVES is said by Hayter to be, “Twilight with a bit more bite to it, and without abstinence." That what we've been lacking, so good ol' fashion cross-species boning!

Hayter also said that he de-constructed past werewolf films, took out the mythology that haunted the screen adaptations, and found a way to make it a metaphor for a teen maturing sexually into adulthood, at the age when young men howl at the moon. So, it's the more hardcore version of TEEN WOLF? Casting is currently underway.

I think it's harder for guys to relate with a werewolf that looks more like pretty boy Taylor Lautner. Perhaps it would be easier to follow someone like David Naughton, who played David Kessler in AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. Naughton wasn't brooding, nor did he wear a terrible wig. He also didn't show off his magnificent gleaming chest whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Honestly, I'm open to another great werewolf film, but until that day I'll just have to remain skeptical.

Extra Tidbit: After typing cross-species boning, I thought of this.
Source: Deadline



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