Del Toro does Tarzan!

Warner Bros. is looking to revitalize the TARZAN franchise with a new film and is in negotiations with Guillermo del Toro to direct. WB is working with Jerry Weintraub (the new OCEAN'S series) to develop a new take on the classic tale with John Collee (MASTER AND COMMANDER) writing the script. Del Toro says of the project: "I'd love to create a new version that is still a family movie, but as edgy as I can make it...There are strong themes of survival of a defenseless child left behind in the most hostile environment." Del Toro confirmed he will leave the scripting duties solely to Collee as he will be in production on HELLBOY 2 during the writing stage. This version of Tarzan is expected to return to the original Tarzan created by Edgar Rice Burroughs instead of transporting the character into modern times. Writer John August (CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY) had been working on a TARZAN revamp for some time but that project was never able to get off the ground. No word yet on when filming on del Toro's version might begin.

Extra Tidbit: Warner Bros. previously tried injecting life into the Tarzan world with a teen-oriented WB soap. It was cancelled after eight episodes.
Source: Variety



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