Disney assembles a no-star cast to go to Prom

Disney is trying to fashion a teen drama for the modern era in the form of PROM. Said to be in the tone of PRETTY IN PINK and SIXTEEN CANDLES, the studio has put together a cast list for the film which follows a group of teens and their drama before and during the biggest night of their lives (err so far).

It’s a bunch of relative unknowns, but Disney figured they were better off leaving bigger Tiger Beat cover-ish names off the roster so people could focus on the film, rather than who was in it. The names so far, according to Deadline, include Thomas McDonell, Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights), Danielle Campbell, Nolan Sotillo, Yin Chang (Gossip Girl), Jared Kusnitz (Surviving Suburbia), Nicholas Braun (10 Things I Hate About You), Ben Esler (The Pacific), Kylie Bunbury and DeVaughn Nixon.

I only recognize one or two faces on the list, and others don’t even have pictures yet when you Google Image search them. Aimee Teagarden I’m most familiar with as I’m a big Friday Night Lights fan, but other than that, I guess we’ll see if anyone out of this group can emerge a star.

Extra Tidbit: I went to a Baptist school where dancing wasn’t allowed. But one year we planned our own, secret dancing prom anyway. It wasn’t exactly FOOTLOOSE because everyone was terrible at dancing courtesy of years of repression.
Source: Deadline



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