Downey Jr.'s Debut

Once upon a time Leo was the king of the world. However, these days I'd argue that title belongs to Robert Downey Jr. ZODIAC is by far one of the best films of the decade and had it not been for a little film called THE DARK KNIGHT, this would have been the summer of IRON MAN. Now with TROPIC THUNDER poised to take over the box office and Downey Jr. featured in the film's (second) most talked about role, this truly seems to be the summer RDJ.

Before all the hoopla and all the coke-addled soirees, Robert was--like the rest of us--just a cute little boy trying to break into the industry. Check this video of him as a 5 year-old boy in his father's film PUPPY. Geez. And I thought I was in love with him before...

Extra Tidbit: I checked and checked and checked but I can't seem to find the name of Robert Downey Jr.'s father. Can anyone help me?
Source: Cinematical



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