Dushku is Perfect

Eliza Dushku, not happy with simply making her return to TV with Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse," has turned to film producing. The actress has secured the life rights to photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and will be producing a biopic titled THE PERFECT MOMENT. Dushku has hired documentarian Ondi Timoner (DIG!) to make her feature directorial debut on the film. Timoner just won a Grand Jury Prize for her latest film WE LIVE IN PUBLIC. Mapplethorpe is perhaps best known for his stark black and white nudes and other rather more controversial subjects (if you're unfamiliar, wait until you have time for some NSFW content just Google image search "mapplethorpe"). It doesn't appear that Dushku will star in the film at all which is a shame because, well, she's so hot and all. No word yet on when production on the film might begin. As for her acting career, Dushku still has the horror film OPEN GRAVES on the way. I still say she'd be a better replacement for Emily Blunt on IRON MAN 2 than Scarlett Johansson. But that's just me.

Extra Tidbit: Mapplethorpe actually photographed a young Arnold Schwarzenegger before he was famous.
Source: THR



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