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Alexander: The Final Cut - February 27

Crazy ass Oliver Stone will hopefully put the ALEXANDER debacle to rest (for those of you counting, this is the third installment). There's a new introduction by Oliver Stone included with this and also approximately 47 minutes of restored footage in which Alexander details how the United States government covered up JFK's death, then eats some peyote in the desert and ends up in Vietnam where he sees all of his soldiers are sitting around smoking weed. Then Willem Dafoe kills Tom Berenger. Ahh, poetic justice.

Blood Diamond - March 20

Apparently, the diamond trade is one rough business. Little kids getting killed and everything. Crazy. It's a good "out" when having the conversation with your girlfriend about when you'll pop the question. Just tell her, "do you know what that diamond has to go through to get here?" She says, no, then you show her a picture of a dead kid and explain how and where they smuggle the diamonds into the country. That should buy you at least a year. If not, break up with her, she doesn't deserve you.


  • Commentary with Director, Edward Zwick (A revealing look at a filmmaker?s personal journey.)
  • Blood on the Stone - Follow the path of a diamond from the ground to the store
  • Becoming Archer - A profile of Leonardo DiCaprio and how he trained for the war
  • Journalism on the Front Line - Jennifer Connelly on Women Journalists at war
  • Inside the Siege of Freetown - See how Ed Zwick tackled the pivotal scene.
  • "Shine On Em" music video by rap artist, Nas

Parenthood (SE) - April 24

PARENTHOOD is a flick that I enjoyed when I was a kid, though it had some adult themes to it. There's a young stoner Keanu Reeves, a young "just discovering his body going through changes" Joaquin Phoenix, and Steve Martin turns in a classic comedic performance. Oh and it's directed by Ron Howard. Little long, but you get to know and care for the characters, my favorite being the drug and gambling addicted son. Ahh, hits so close to home.


  • Art Imitating Life - Director Ron Howard and crew discuss how the project came together through their own personal experiences and talk about life on the set
  • Family Reunion - Casting Director Jane Jenkins explains how the talented cast came together and became a family on set
  • Words and Music - In his own words, Randy Newman discusses his film composing career and explains his inspirations for the film’s main musical themes
  • 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English DD5.1 Surround

Fletch (SE) - May 1

No specs have been released yet for this "Jane Doe Edition", but the classic cover art remains intact. Stay tuned for more details as they're released.


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