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E3 unveils new Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite gameplay trailer!


Like most fighting game fans, I love me some MARVEL VS. CAPCOM. Not only is the premise ludicrous to the point of brilliance, but the way they reimagine Marvel (and non-fighting Capcom) characters as fighting game combatants is always fun to see. And it's a great way to solve the "who would win, Ryu or Captain America" debates that used to rage across the world and tear families apart.

Anyway, E3 is still on the way, and Capcom has just released a new trailer for the game. Let's take a look:

I think I got epilepsy. And I'll never get tired of characters in fighting games yelling out their special move attacks as they perform them.

Meanwhile, MARVEL VS. CAPCOM: INFINITE will hit consoles and PC September 19th.

Extra Tidbit: Who was your guys' roster? In 2 it was Mega Man and Spider-Man, and in 3 it was Deadpool, Dante, and Ghost Rider.
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