Eagle hasn't landed

UPDATE - DreamWorks has assured us that EAGLE EYE is NOT behind schedule at all and the move was made post-strike to give the film its best opportunity to find an audience.

The long-awaited reteaming of DISTURBIA buds Shia LaBeouf and director DJ Caruso will just have to be a little more long-awaited. Paramount has pushed back their upcoming thriller EAGLE EYE from a summer release to a September 26th release. The knee-jerk reaction to a movie being pushed out of the summer season and into September is usually one of "oh this movie sucks and the studio is dumping it." Now that could be the case here but EAGLE EYE is very behind schedule and was in major danger of not making the release date as is. Considering DISTURBIA opened to big time numbers in April, the studio is thinking that EAGLE EYE will perform well no matter where it's placed. EAGLE wasn't exactly seeing much competition on its original August 8th date aside from PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and now it'll go up against the next Coen Bros. movie BURN AFTER READING. Along with LaBeouf, EAGLE co-stars Michelle Monaghan, Rosario Dawson, Anthony Mackie and Billy Bob Thornton.



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