Eclipse has some scary vampires and an even scarier new banner poster

The internet has been a buzz this week with all the artists that will be on the soundtrack for ECLIPSE. Music is very important in a vampire movie. These songs will be acquired by teen girls who listen to them while dreaming of world where they are the Bella to Edward Cullen/Jacob Black. So, who's included on the soundtrack? Thom Yorke, Muse, Sia, The Bravery, Band of Horses, and The Dead Weather to just to name a few.

Okay, now to move on to what this article is actually about. Latino Review posted this new banner (see above) for the film today that just does nothing for me. I actually shook my head in shame. Then there's a new clip that features the oldest vampire clan, The Volturi. If you for some reason watched NEW MOON, you'll remember them. It's a short clip that shows The Volturi trying to decide what they are going to do about the newborn vampires running wild in Seattle. I'm not giving my thoughts on it. I'll let you guys do that.

Extra Tidbit: The ladies love that Rob Pattinson.
Source: AppleLatino Review



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