Eddie's giant head

What you see to the right is not actually Eddie Murphy's head. It is instead a gigantic replica of Eddie Murphy's head that weighs an approximate three tons. No, I'm not kidding (and feel free to make your own joke). This freakishly large Ed Head will be traveling the United States to promote his upcoming movie MEET DAVE. It was in Los Angeles this past weekend and it's now making it's way east where it will end up in Times Square on July 3-5th where it will surely give some of the NYC crazies reason to believe some of their hallucinations might be real. What's the point of having a giant head travel cross country you ask? Well, because you can actually climb in the head, stick your head out the ear and get your picture taken. Pics will be uploaded to the MEET DAVE website and then cobbled together, mosiac-style, into a new poster for the movie. So in 10 years you could say, "Remember that really bad Eddie Murphy movie where he played a spaceman? No, not PLUTO NASH, the other one. I was on that poster!" And surely you will get slapped square across the face. MEET DAVE, which stars the otherwise lovable Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union and Ed Helms, hits theaters on July 11.

Extra Tidbit: Five gallons of glue were used to construct this monstrosity.
Source: Fox



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