Emma Stone to be offered Mary Jane role for the Spider-Man reboot flick

There was speculation about ZOMBIELAND star Emma Stone being considered for the role of Mary Jane in the Marc Webb-directed upcoming SPIDER-MAN reboot movie a few weeks ago, along with Mia Wasikowska, the star of last year's surprising hit ALICE IN WONDERLAND, as well recent additions like GLEE's Dianna Agron, Georgina Haig and Dominique McElligot (she played Sam Rockwell's daughter in the awesome MOON), but Deadline.com is now announcing that it would be Stone's gig to lose: "Sony Pictures Entertainment will imminently offer the role of Mary Jane Watson to Emma Stone..."

The website also mentions that the remaining ladies will likely be considered for the role of Gwen Stacy, a role previously played by Bryce Dallas Howard. So there you have it, folks. Marc Webb will be the director, Andrew Garfield will player Peter Parker aka Spider-Man and unless she decides that MJ isn't for her, Emma Stone will likely saddle up as the next Mary Jane in the series. For her sake, let's hope her career doesn't sag into nothingness like the previous Mary Jane aka Kirsten Dunst. Nice tat! (see below)

Extra Tidbit: Despite playing teenagers in the upcoming films, Garfield is actually 27 years old, while Stone is about to turn 22 in November.
Source: Deadline



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