Ethan Haas not Cloverfield

OK...one more CLOVERFIELD/1-8-08 post and then I'm taking a break for a while. Love the promotional campaign and all but we can't run stories on this movie all day long. Based upon the amount of e-mails I get though it's still a hot topic and I figured I should bring this up on the site to try and set everyone straight. JJ Abrams finally spoke on the record about this movie to Ain't It Cool and said that while there are a number of websites out there for his film, the Ethan Haas sites do not have ANYTHING to do with his film. Not a part of the game at all. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Strange that Paramount would have the clips pulled from YouTube but maybe Paramount doesn't even know what's going on. Still no idea exactly what the Ethan Haas site is for, but I'm sticking to my story that it's for an upcoming video game. So now that that's done, why don't you get out and find all those sites out there that JJ says ARE part of his marketing campaign. Get searching people!

Extra Tidbit: Read an interview with JJ Abrams' favorite composer Michael Giacchino (RATATOUILLE, "Lost") over at EW.com.



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