EXCL: Wackness stills

The Tribeca Film Festival kicks off in New York City later this month and you can bet your sweet ass the JoBloers will be in attendance. One of the films we're looking forward to the most is the Sundance hit THE WACKNESS. Once best known as the movie where Sir Ben Kingsley and Mary Kate Olsen got it on, the movie rose above that stigma to became a critical hit. Written and directed by Jonathan Levine the film is a "mid-'90s memory play" about a teen in his summer before college. "Reminiscing about a New York City slowly adjusting to the Giuliani way of life and a pop culture that finds white boys embracing hip-hop music and culture, Levine creates a new kind of tale about teenage identity and angst." Today we've got five pics from the film to show off, three of which are exclusive first-looks. THE WACKNESS (official site here) opens on July 3. Stay tuned to JoBlo.com for more on THE WACKNESS and all the films at Tribeca.

Source: Sony Classics



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