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by Jason Coleman

I must say that overall, last weekend's Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors event (June 2-4) was not all that spectacular. (And not just because them good folks over at Fangoria refused to give a press pass to JoBlo.com, forcing little old me to take money out of my own pocket for the event and have less access!)

The vendor’s rooms were small; the goodies for sale a little lackluster and the main room presentations were riddled with technical difficulties. (Things like loud feedback, mics shutting down while people on stage were speaking, plus no mic for the question asking audience - a major disaster that lasted the entire weekend!) But in the three days of being surrounded by all things macabre (should have squeezed it into two days, guys!), I managed to find some scraps of rotting flesh. Here’s a best and worst overview of the three days that made up Fangoria’s Weekend Of Horrors.


Best Guest: A tie between THEY LIVE’s Roddy Piper (“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…”) and RE-ANIMATOR’s still uber hot Barbara Crampton, both of which were super cool.

Still sexy, Re-Animator's Barbara Crampton

Worst Guest: Full Moon’s Charles Band, who was high on something and that wasn’t the worst of it.

Best Panel: "ABOMINABLE" Panel, which had everything from clips where a guy’s face gets ripped off, to a sentimental moment during the Q & A where composer Lalo Schifrin lovingly said “he’s my man” of his son, Director Ryan Schifrin, plus scream princess Tiffany Shepis’s firm ass. Life is good. Read the Arrow's review HERE.

Worst Panel: Charles Band’s (yes, him again!) Full Moon Road Show. An unbearable (over 80% of the crowd left before it was over!) and completely unwatchable show, where Band proved that any filmmaking talent he used to possess was officially gone. Horrible highlights include Band gloating that author J.K. Rowling stole the character of Harry Potter from a character of the same name in the 1986 film TROLL, which he produced (“Everyone says I should sue her” - what an ass!) and two unsexy bimbos coming to the stage and screeching into the mic, while trying to teach the audience about stage fighting. (Bro, take a leak BEFORE the show!) Band even had the balls to screen an entire video showing how major stars, like Demi Moore and Viggo Mortensen, started in his movies first. (How much credit do you want Charles?!) Can’t believe this was the guy who directed my all time favorite film TRANCERS, oh, how the mighty have fallen!

Best Movies To Watch For: The interesting documentary DEAD ON: THE LIFE AND CINEMA OF GEORGE A. ROMERO, ABOMINABLE, and the vampire flick BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD.

Worst Movies To Avoid: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 3D (why can’t they come up with something new, dammit!) and the stupid looking NIGHTMARE MAN (except for the parts where Tiffany Shepis shows ass!).

Most Memorable Moment: Getting a squeeze by the lovely Tiffany Shepis! (Hey, I’ve been married a long time!)

Me with the sexy princess of scream Tiffany Shepis



Best Guest: As always, the man himself, Bruce Campbell, aka Ash, aka don’t call me Ash, was the hit of the day, slinging wit, charm and insults to a full house of fans. (And they loved it!)

The man, Bruce Campbell

Worst Guest: Actor Ernie Hudson, who was there to promote the film HOOD OF HORROR. When asked about anything, he kept answering “I just want to work.” Way to dish that dirt Ernie!

Best Panel: By far the FEAST Panel, which was moderated by master showman/director John Gulager and totally dominated the whole day. Fun discussion (I ribbed producer Mike Leahy with a question about his lack of faith in Gulager!), a kick ass trailer (that JoBlo already reported on back on Dec. 9/2005), and a full action-packed clip from the film that rocked the house. I don’t know what the Weinstein’s problem is, but the flick looked like a guaranteed box office winner. Release it already, before everyone forgets! (Gulager rocks!) And if you want to see great FEAST released some time this century, go to Feast at MySpace where you can voice your opinion, let the powers that be hear you loud and clear.

Full Project Greenlight Feast Panel with (from right to left) Director John Gulager, writer Marcus Dunstan, writer Patrick Melton, Actress Jenny Wade, actor Clu Gulager, actress Diane Goldner, producer Mike Leahy, and F/X creator Gary Tunnicliffe

Worst Panel: The Masters Of Horror Presentation and not because of guests Mick Garris, Stuart Gordon, William Malone and David J. Schow. It was very interesting (Schow said that he had originally written the part of the serial killer in PICK ME UP played by Michael Moriarty for actor Michael Ironside!), right up until the point where the fire alarm went off for no reason and forced the annoyed greats to leave the stage. (Thanks Fangoria!)

Masters of Horror panel with Mick Garris, Stuart Gordon, William Malone, and David J. Schow

Best Movies To Watch For: The fascinating soon to DVD documentary HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR, which covers all the films and has over 80 interviews (I saw clips and I was riveted!), REEKER, which had both cool effects and Michael Ironside (a winning combo) and of course, the fast paced and great looking FEAST.

Worst Movies To Avoid: Troma’s latest opus entitled POULTRYGEIST (don’t ask!), HOOD OF HORROR (read the Arrow's review of that HERE), a TALES FROM THE HOOD rip-off (and Snoop Dog is no Clarence Williams III!) and alien face-hugger monster rip off called UNEARTHED.

Most Memorable Moment: Getting a squeeze from an unknown horror chick, whose cleavage was only covered by some evil monster hands. (I really have been married a looong time!)

A very hot chick who knows how to cover those nips



Best Guest: Actor David Arquette, who was showing exclusive clips from his directorial debut THE TRIPPER. A stoner film, with a black sense of humor, and some righteous kills. That combined with a candid Arquette (“I loved SCREAM #1 cause it got me my wife!”) made for a fun time.

Worst Guest: THE OMEN director John Moore, who was one of the only panelists to not take any questions from the audience, talking only to a boring mediator on the stage. Guess he was just too important! (Stuck up bastard!)

Best Panel: KNB EFX Panel, where my hero Howard Berger talked about the many different projects KNB has worked on and are currently working on. In my book, KNB could do no wrong! (Let me tour the damn studio already!)

Worst Panel: Surprisingly, the Previews Panel, which should have shown brand new Trailers, but instead showed ones already seen during previous panel discussions and repetitive Anchor Bay stuff. This should have been the best presentation of the weekend, it wasn’t! (Shame on you!)

Ze Candyman, Tony Todd

Best Movies To Watch For: Arquette’s THE TRIPPER, a cool bounty hunter flick with a satanic twist called SIN-JIN SMYTH with Roddy Piper and Richard Tyson and HELLBOY director Guillermo del Toro’s knockin’ looking PAN’S LABYRINTH (read Arrow's review HERE).

Worst Movies To Avoid: The boring looking FURNACE (what happened to poor actor Michael Pare?!), and the very unoriginal remake of THE OMEN (don’t be lazy, just rent the original!) Read the Arrow's review of the rehash HERE.

Most Memorable Moment: Hearing from Director Guillermo del Toro that he wants to direct the second HELLBOY no matter what, which he says is being looked at over at Paramount studios. (Keep the faith!) Plus hearing that Rob Zombie will direct the next HALLOWEEN film, which might actually be good now! (via la DEVIL’S REJECTS!)

Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro

So that’s all she wrote, folks! Overall some good, lots of bad; meaning next year, I’ll save my money and just visit a creepy cemetery! Stay scared!

Thank me later...

Source: JoBlo.com



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