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Female director wanted for Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman movie


Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

Earlier this month Warner Bros. officially announced that a WONDER WOMAN feature film is on the way for 2017 with Gal Gadot set to star. The search for a director continues and the studio is specifically looking for a female director to helm the movie, trimming the choice selection dramatically. THR reported the news while analyzing the Warner Bros. DC release slate saying: “Warners also is opting for strong directors, tapping David Ayer (Fury) for Suicide Squad and seeking a female helmer for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman”.

We know that female directors are in short supply in Hollywood, and that it has nothing to do with a lack of effort or talent. Over the last few years many female directors have made substantial strides in making names for themselves and bringing the issue to the forefront. Recognizable names like Kathryn Bigelow (THE HURT LOCKER), Patty Jenkins (MONSTER), Debra Granik (WINTER’S BONE) are just a few I can see on my movie shelf from where I’m sitting.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

Does a director's gender matter for a WONDER WOMAN feature or any film for that matter? The material could and should be handled with care by anyone, but maybe I’m being naive because I personally don’t care if it's a male or female's name on it at the end of the day. I just don't want to watch garbage, it's that simple for me.

 Michelle MacLaren breaking bad

People will start to toss names out there so I’ll start the ball rolling for us today. If you don’t know the name Michelle MacLaren yet, you will soon enough. She has directed episodes of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and The Leftovers. To be more specific, she directed my favorite episodes of Breaking Bad (Gliding Over All) and The Leftovers (Cairo). Her full resume is impressive to say the least and begs for a feature film such as WONDER WOMAN. She has my vote!

WONDER WOMAN is set for release on June 23, 2017. Who would you like to see in the director's chair?

Source: THR



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