Ferrell wants to Get Married and Stay Single

Will Ferrell's comedic star has been fading for some time now, after a host of memorable performances slowly gave way to SEMI-PRO and LAND OF THE LOST in recent years. I was quite happy to see him whacking a cowbell during "Freebird" on Conan’s Tonight Show finale (no video link because NBC sucks ass), but other than that, the man’s career has been pretty dormant as of late.

Pajiba is reporting that Ferrell has a new project lined up in the form of I DO: HOW TO GET MARRIED AND STAY SINGLE, which is a remake of 2006 French film which starred ANTICHRIST penis-slayer, Charlotte Gainsbourg. The concept is that a grown man is nagged by his seven sisters and mother to get married, and so he makes an arrangement with his friend’s sister to get engaged to him, then stand him up at the altar. Hilarity allegedly ensues.

This admittedly sounds like a pretty terrible concept, and something that should instead be starring Mark Ruffalo or Josh Duhamel, but I guess we’ll see. I'm definitely looking forward to Adam McKay and Ferrell reteaming for THE OTHER GUYS rather than whatever this turns out to be.

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys pro or anti-STEP BROTHERS?
Source: Pajiba



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