Fiennes with Titans

So far I'm digging how the update of CLASH OF THE TITANS is coming together. The latest mythology twist has already collected Bond gal Gemma Arterton, CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK's sexy Alexa Davalos, CASINO ROYALE eye-bleeder Mads Mikkelsen, and potential / impending star Sam Worthington (AVATAR, TERMINATOR SALVATION) as hero Perseus.

Now the gods-and-monsters flick may add thespian/Potter-hater Ralph Fiennes as the devious Hades, lord of the underworld. He would be facing off against Liam Neeson as brother Zeus (a tiny bit different from their SCHINDLER'S LIST rivalry), though Neeson's participation is still up in the air after the sudden and tragic death of his wife.

The big-budget Warner Bros. project is a remake of the 1981 version (noted for its Harryhausen stop-motion creatures), and follows a hunky hero as he roams a fantastical realm of legendary beasts on his quest for a hot princess. The new script comes from Lawrence Kasdan (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, EMPIRE STRIKES BACK) and will be directed by Louis Leterrier, whose INCREDIBLE HULK was pretty entertaining until it degenerated into texture-maps and wireframes whacking each other for 20 minutes.

Also, Moviehole says that actor Jason Flemyng (who popped up in Leterrier's TRANSPORTER 2) will also appear in the movie.

Extra Tidbit: Ralph and brother Joseph have shared Cate Blanchett and Rachel Weisz (on screen).
Source: Variety



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